The Chairman (Uk) Limited


(Company Number 02296184)

Registered Office: Jones Giles, 11 Coopers Yard, Curran Road, Cardiff, CF10 5NB.

Principal Trading Address: Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ.

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 106 of the Insolvency Act

1986 that Final Meetings of Members and Creditors of the above named Company will be held at the offices of Jones Giles Limited, 11

Coopers Yard, Curran Road, Cardiff, CF10 5NB on 8 May 2014 at

10.00 am and 10.30 am respectively, for the purpose of having a report and account laid before them, showing how the winding-up has been conducted, the property of the Company disposed of, hearing any explanation that might be given, deciding whether or not the Liquidator should have his release and confirming the date for the disposal of books and records. A Member or Creditor entitled to attend and vote at the Meetings may appoint a proxy, who need not be a Member or

Creditor to attend and vote instead...

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