Icg 1994 Pension Fund


“In accordance with Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 the Trustees of

the ICG 1994 Pension Fund (“the Fund”) hereby give notice of the

decision to wind up the Fund with effect from 30 November 2002.

After the date shown below the Trustees will have regard only to the claims and interests of which it has had notice in exercising its powers and duties under the Fund and, as regards any property or assets distributed by the Trustee in accordance with the provisions of the

Fund, the Trustee shall not be liable to any person of whose claim it shall not then have had notice.

The Trustees have written directly to all known Fund members advising them of this decision and providing them with information about the wind up process. If you believe that you are entitled to benefits under the Fund and you have not received any formal correspondence from the Trustees you should notify the Trustees in writing not later than

2 months...

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