Mukesh Haridas Andani


In the High Court of Justice No 3743 of 2012

(In Bankruptcy)

of 15 Stopford Road, London, E13 0LY. Date of Birth: 18 June 1953.

Occupation: Property Management. Trading As: Dwellers Estates.

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the creditors of the above bankrupt estate will be held at the offices of David Rubin & Partners

LLP, 26-28 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4HE on 04 March 2013, at 10.00 am for the purpose of providing creditors with the opportunity to form a creditors’ committee and to seek approval for the basis of the Trustee’s remuneration. A creditor entitled to attend and vote may appoint a proxy to attend and vote...

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