Consumer Credit Act 1974 General Notice no: 1141


I, Ray Watson, Director of the Consumer Credit Group in the Office of Fair Trading (“the OFT”) and a member of the OFT’s staff, being authorised in that behalf in writing by the OFT pursuant to paragraph

12 of Schedule 1 to the Enterprise Act 2002, hereby give general notice pursuant to section 29(6) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 that the group licence issued to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in

England and Wales, Chartered Accountants’ Hall, PO Box 433, Moorgate Place, London EC2P 2BJ (“the Institute”), has been renewed by the OFT on application by the Institute.

The group licence is in respect of all Members and Affiliates of the

Institute and other persons who, under regulations made by the

Institute, are subject to the obligations and liabilities of a Member of the Institute, to carry on the business of: A Consumer Credit

C Credit Brokerage

D Debt-Adjusting

E Debt-Counselling

G Debt Administration

H1 Provision of credit information services (including credit repair)

limited to activities arising in the course...

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