Section 48 Planning Act 2008 Regulation 4 Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure) Regulations 2009 Network Rail Infrastructure Limited (Redditch Branch Enhancement) Order Notice Publicising a Proposed Application for a Development Consent Order (Dco)


Notice is hereby given that Network Rail Infrastructure Limited (the “Applicant”) of Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG, proposes to apply to the Secretary of State under section 37 of the Planning

Act 2008 for the above-mentioned DCO (the “Application”).

The Application relates to a new second track on part of the Redditch branch line which runs between Redditch and Barnt Green Stations

(the “Project”). The new line will run parallel to the existing line. The branch line is located off the Birmingham-Gloucester Mainline, approximately 10 miles south of Birmingham. The new track will commence north of Redditch station and continue for just over 3km north to, and a little distance beyond, Alvechurch station.

The aim of the Project is to deliver capacity improvements by extending additional Cross City services from Longbridge to Redditch. Services to Redditch will increase from two trains per hour to three trains per hour in each direction.

The proposed DCO would, amongst other things, authorise:

The construction and maintenance of the new permanent railway described above, as well as the construction of a new station platform at Alvechurch Railway station and a new footbridge to connect to it from the existing platform.

Associated development including the diversion of a public footpath at the southern end of the existing Alvechurch railway station platform, erecting signal equipment buildings and ancillary works.

The compulsory acquisition of land for the proposed works and ancillary purposes, including worksites and environmental mitigation, the acquisition of rights over specified land, provision for the temporary use of land in connection with the Project, and the extinguishment and creation of private rights.

Such ancillary, incidental and consequential provisions, permits or consents as are necessary and/or convenient.

The Project is not development requiring environmental impact assessment.

Copies of the details of the proposals, environmental reports, plans, maps and other documents may be inspected...

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